January 2011

  • Nature Medicine published results by Pennington Biomedical researchers, led by Dr. Vishwa Deep Dixit, who discovered the mechanism leading to inflammatory response in obesity
  • Pennington Biomedical researcher Dr. Tim Church was featured on the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ Health Beat program, discussing how walking and lifting weights work to control diabetes

March 2011

  • The New England Journal of Medicine published the results of the Dr. George Bray’s ACT Now study, which showed that when pioglitazone (drug marketed as Actos) was taken daily it can prevent type 2 diabetes in 70% of individuals who are at high risk for the disease
  • Pennington Biomedical researcher Dr. Claude Bouchard received the 2011 E.V. McCollum Award from the American Society for Nutrition

April 2011

  • Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease published findings of a Pennington Biomedical study, led by Dr. Jeffrey Keller, that found the inability to recognize faces appears to be a reliable marker for identifying the earliest stages of dementia in the elderly
  • Pennington Biomedical announced a new 6-year NIH funded study, ASPREE.  Led by Dr. Tim Church, the study will seek to determine if aspirin taken daily can lower the risk of developing dementia and cardiovascular disease

May 2011

  • Public Library of Science published “Trends Over 5 Decades in U.S. Occupation-Related Physical Activity & their Associations with Obesity”, a study by Dr. Tim Church and his research team at Pennington Biomedical, that found that a decrease in workplace physical activity over the past 50 years is a significant factor in the obesity epidemic

June 2011

  • Pennington Biomedical and Vital Health Interventions, LLC announced a  5-year, $2.6M research partnership to target drug development aimed at diabetes through the research of Dr. Nikhil Dhurandhar and his team

July 2011

  • Pennington Biomedical researcher Dr. Kenneth Eilertsen was named the 2011 University Technology Leader of the Year by the Louisiana Technology Council
  • Pennington Biomedical researcher Dr. Phillip Brantley was awarded a $9.9 million grant from the Office of Group Benefits to study the health benefits and cost effectiveness of medical and surgical treatments for obesity 

August 2011

  • Pennington Biomedical announced a new NIH funded study led by Dr. Tim Church, SPRINT, which will determine if reducing systolic blood pressure to a lower goal than currently recommended will reduce cardiovascular disease
  • U.S. Senator Mary Landrieu announced a $6 million grant from the U.S. Department of Defense for Army warfighter research.  Pennington Biomedical’s research team, led by Dr. Jennifer Rood, will continue to discover novel ways to increase warfighter resilience, combat readiness, and optimal performance of soldiers

September 2011

  • Pennington Biomedical was awarded a $3.5M NIH study, Expecting Success, which aims to improve weight management in pregnant women.  Led by Pennington Biomedical researchers Drs. Leanne Redman and Corby Martin, the study is a partnership with Woman’s Hospital
  • Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana Foundation announced a partnership with Pennington Biomedical Research Center to fight obesity in Louisiana.  Under the direction of Dr. Peter Katzmarzyk, Pennington Biomedical will administer and evaluate the impact of the $10M grant program titled, Challenge for a Healthier Louisiana
  • Pennington Biomedical hosted the 4th Annual Childhood Obesity & Public Health Conference led by Dr. Peter Katzmarzyk.  More than 475 public health professionals, educators, and business leaders attended
  • Pennington Biomedical researcher Dr. Gang Hu’s work on how healthy lifestyle habits lower heart failure risk was featured in the American Heart Association’s journal, Circulation: Heart Failure

October 2011

  • Pennington Biomedical researcher Dr. Eric Ravussin received the  2011 George A. Bray Founders Award at The Obesity Society Annual Meeting

November 2011

  • Under the leadership of Dr. Peter Katzmarzyk, as part of Pennington Biomedical’s childhood obesity initiative, Louisiana’s Report Card on Physical Activity & Health for Children & Youth was released
  • Pennington Biomedical researcher Dr. Vishwa Deep Dixit received the 2011 Nathan Shock New Investigator Award from the Gerontological Society of America
  • Pennington Biomedical researcher Dr. Peter Katzmarzyk received a $5.2 million grant from LSU Health Care Services Division.  This collaboration aims to develop a state-of-the-art learning community and infrastructure needed to support and sustain evidence based health system improvement and quality, intended to benefit Louisiana and its citizens

December 2011

  • Pennington Division of Education hosted over 50 researchers from around the world for another conference in its Pennington Scientific Symposium Series.  The December program, Adiposity in Children and Adolescents:  Correlates and Clinical Consequences of Fat Stored in Specific Body Depots , was co-chaired by Pennington Biomedical researcher Dr. Peter Katzmarzyk 


Educational & Community Programs

February 2011

  • Pennington Biomedical hosted the 9th Annual Irene W. Pennington Wellness Day for Women, a community event for women with free health screenings and educational seminars

March 2011

  • Pennington Biomedical’s Botanical Research Center hosted the 5th Annual Botanical Community Workshop, led by Dr. Will Cefalu, which focused on diabetes prevention

August 2011

  • Pennington Biomedical was the host site for the 10th Annual Louisiana Men’s Health Conference, which provided men of all ages an opportunity to explore ways to better care for themselves and their health

October 2011

  • Pennington Biomedical hosted the 2nd Annual Public Forum on Dementia and Alzheimer’s disease in Shreveport, led by Dr. Jeffrey Keller

November 2011

  • Pennington Biomedical hosted the 3rd Annual Public Forum on Dementia and Alzheimer’s disease in Baton Rouge, led by Dr. Jeffrey Keller