CARE Study

Study Type

Women's Health

Study Purpose

The CARE Research study will follow and survey patients diagnosed with breast cancer throughout the duration of their cancer treatment. This study aims to contribute to a better understanding of patient opinions toward potential lifestyle changes throughout cancer treatment.

More than 2.8 million women are affected by breast cancer in the United States, including those currently receiving treatment. Research has led to advances in diagnosis and treatment for breast cancer, contributing to a steady increase in survival rates. With these advances, researchers are also looking at the physical and mental changes women may undergo during cancer treatment.

About the Study

Study participants will visit Pennington Biomedical four times over the course of six to nine months for assessment and observation.

Participants will enter the study prior to the start of cancer treatment, but should have plans with their physician to begin treatment. Participants will be asked to provide feedback on potential physical activity and nutritional guidance during and after their treatment.

Study Design

Number of Visits:

  • 4 study visits


  • Body measurements (height, weight)
  • Questionnaires
  • Blood Test
  • Vital signs

Study Qualifications

To qualify, participants in this study should:

  • Be a postmenopausal female
  • Have been diagnosed with stage I, II, or III breast cancer
  • Not be currently receiving chemotherapy or other related treatments, but should have plans with their physician to do so
  • Not have a history of cancer or previous chemotherapy or radiation treatment
  • Not currently be taking hormone therapy

Study Duration

Participation in this study will last approximately six to nine months (4 study visits).


Total compensation for the completion of this study is $120.

Study Contact

If you are interested in volunteering for this research study, call Dr. Anne Gilmore at 225-763-2848 or email:


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