Carnitine Study

Study Type


Study Purpose

Carnitine is a natural substance the human body makes to help turn sugar into energy. It is also available over the counter as a nutritional supplement.

The Carnitine research study will assess how well carnitine supplements help the body process the sugar we eat. Findings from this study could help researchers determine whether carnitine supplements could help in the fight against diabetes.

About the Study

Carnitine study participants will eat a standard set of meals provided by the Pennington Biomedical research kitchen for a total of 6 days. Participants will also complete 2 overnight stays in the Pennington Biomedical inpatient unit - one night at the beginning of the study and one night at the end.

Study Design

Number of Visits:

  • 5 total study visits


  • Physical exam (height, weight, etc.)
  • Medical history
  • Blood test
  • MRI scan
  • DXA Scan
  • IV procedures
  • Muscle biopsy
  • 2 overnight stays at Pennington Biomedical inpatient clinic (2 weeks apart)

Study Qualifications

To qualify for this research study, participants should:

  • Be 20 to 40 years old
  • Have a BMI between 24.5 – 35.5 calculate your BMI
  • Not have a medical history of thyroid or kidney problems

Study Duration

Participation in this study will last approximately 3 weeks.


Compensation of up to $600 is offered for completion of this study.

Study Contact

To see if you qualify for the Carnitine research study, click here to screen online, call 225-763-3000 or email

If you think you may be eligible, please click the button below to screen online.


Please do not fill out this questionnaire for anyone other than yourself unless you are their legal guardian.
If you know someone who may be interested please direct them to the site or have them call us directly at 225-763-3000.


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