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Pennington Biomedical Research Center, a biomedical research facility in Baton Rouge, LA, is seeking a qualified candidate at the Associate or Full Professor level to fill a full-time faculty research position in the area of obesity/Type 2 diabetes. Depending on qualifications, this position may be supported as an endowed chair. As a faculty member, the candidate will be required to pursue an independent research career which includes development of an independent research program, collaboration with other scientists in research, obtainment of external funding to conduct independent research projects, and participate in the education of postdoctoral students. The Associate/Full Professor will also have as duties to lead a metabolic inpatient research unit responsible for planning, procuring, and executing clinical trials in support of clinical research on campus. Pennington Biomedical, a campus of Louisiana State University, is an internationally recognized center for obesity and Type 2 diabetes and has state of the art clinical and basic research facilities. The clinical research facilities include a comprehensive outpatient center devoted solely to clinical research and a 22 bed metabolic research unit staffed 24/7. The center has 4 metabolic chambers, state of the art measures of insulin action, dedicated exercise testing facilities, ingestive behavior laboratory and a free standing biomedical imaging center. As a clinical faculty member, the candidate will be expected to maintain expertise in medical field and board certification and membership on the Pennington Medical Staff.
MD and three years experience in clinical research trials with appropriate publications. Experience in externally funded clinical trials and prior history of independent grant funding. Interest in obesity, type 2 diabetes and nutritional disorders is desired.
Cefalu, William T.
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