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Date Title
11/10/2015 LSU System faculty research Alzheimer’s Disease
11/10/2015 New Clues: Obesity and Osteoarthritis
11/7/2015 VIDEO: Good start on a weight loss regimen leads to better weight maintenance in the long run
11/6/2015 St. Charles Community Health Center working on childhood obesity program that could go national
11/5/2015 7 Pantry Essentials Dietitians Always Have On Hand
11/5/2015 Learn the facts and foibles of fructose
11/4/2015 Kohlrabi Carrot Fritters with Avocado Cream Sauce
11/4/2015 Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Goat Cheese, Cranberries and Toasted Walnuts
11/4/2015 Veggies: What is this produce, and how should I eat it?
11/2/2015 Research gives hope to diabetes community
10/30/2015 Calorie Restriction, Longevity and Hormesis
10/27/2015 How does meal timing affect health?
10/27/2015 WHO says you increase your chance of cancer with that hot dog. Really?
10/26/2015 15 LSU faculty projects receive proof-of-concept funding to help bring their ideas to market
10/21/2015 GameSquad now recruiting to help kids live healthier lives
10/19/2015 Is Sitting Really That Bad? Yes.
10/15/2015 Metagenomics Digs Up Microbiome Riches
10/9/2015 Fidgeting while you work might be good for you
10/9/2015 How Baton Rouge ended up being ranked most obese city in America and how can we fix it
10/5/2015 Dr. Kara Marlatt: Pennington Biomedical studies how to prevent diabetes in post-menopausal women
10/1/2015 LSU AgCenter receives grant to improve rural health with partners Pennington Biomedical, Southern University and DHH
10/1/2015 Pennington Biomedical Research Center defends research funding by Coca-Cola
9/30/2015 Next step for Baton Rouge-based Esperance Pharmaceuticals’ cancer-fighting drug? Clinical trials.
9/29/2015 More evidence links inactivity to diabetes and heart disease
9/28/2015 Dr. Courtney Peterson: Why changing your meal timing could improve your health
9/28/2015 Environmental Nutrition: The scoop on fructose
9/28/2015 Shape up, Baton Rouge!
9/28/2015 Tips for healthy Cajun cooking
9/25/2015 Pennington introduces new business model with Elite Health and Wellness Program
9/25/2015 Why All Those B Vitamins in Energy Drinks Aren’t Actually Energizing You
9/24/2015 A closer look at the nerves that slim down your fat cells
9/23/2015 Pennington Biomedical to host Doc’s DASH
9/23/2015 What body fat percentage should I be?
9/22/2015 Pennington Biomedical celebrates scholars, donors
9/21/2015 Pennington research center to receive $9.2M in grant renewal
9/15/2015 15-Minute Craving Fixes
9/14/2015 Pennington Biomedical Receives NIH Research Funds
9/14/2015 Pennington Biomedical Study Looks to Louisiana Folk Medicine for Diabetes Treatment Clues
9/10/2015 Pennington Biomedical gets $9.2M federal grant to continue studying use of native plants to fight chronic diseases
9/9/2015 Pennington Biomedical: Caregiving for an Individual with Dementia
9/9/2015 Pennington Biomedical: Caregiving for an Individual with Dementia
9/8/2015 Community Concerns: Updates on women’s health and diabetes prevention
Talk 107.3 Radio
9/8/2015 It Only Takes One Hour
9/7/2015 A Look Inside the Lunch Boxes of Diet & Exercise Researchers
9/4/2015 Doc's DASH approaches
9/4/2015 Living your best life with diabetes
9/3/2015 The 5 Best Ways to Lose Belly Fat
9/2/2015 Alexander’s to host pop-up farmers market
9/2/2015 Our Views: Medical access is the key for Louisiana increasing its ‘heart age’ index
9/2/2015 Sunday Pop-Up Market to feature local flavors
9/1/2015 New Alzheimer's research links weight to earlier symptoms
9/1/2015 NIH study finds calorie restriction lowers some risk factors for age-related diseases
9/1/2015 Study finds calorie restriction lowers some risk factors for age-related diseases
8/28/2015 Can Quality Sleep Prevent Alzheimer’s?
8/27/2015 Skinny Science
8/26/2015 The New Obesity Drugs: an Rx for Weight Loss?
8/25/2015 Center looking for participants in Alzheimer’s study
8/25/2015 Esperance alliance with MD Anderson Cancer Center could accelerate use of anti-cancer drug
8/24/2015 Diabetes class teaches students to balance diets with individual needs
8/24/2015 Esperance Announces Strategic Alliance with MD Anderson Cancer Center
8/19/2015 Spatula Diaries: Easy, healthy snacks for kids
8/17/2015 Childhood Obesity in Louisiana
8/14/2015 Pennington Biomedical to Host Men's Health Conference
8/10/2015 Exercise Boosts Obese Kids’ Heart Health
8/10/2015 Study finds disturbed sleep could lead to Alzheimer's
8/9/2015 Our Views: Pennington study shows childhood obesity an epidemic in rich, poor countries alike
8/7/2015 Lack of activity main predictor of childhood obesity
8/7/2015 Spinach Extract May Reduce Hunger and Caloric Intake
8/6/2015 Healthline: PULSE study needs volunteers
8/4/2015 Study: Lack of physical activity top predictor of childhood obesity
8/2/2015 Spinach can curb food craving in men
7/31/2015 More research links sedentary time to diabetes
7/29/2015 Cooking demo, nutrition talk for diabetics on tap
7/28/2015 Brookstown residents invited to play in the street Aug. 1
7/28/2015 Healthline: 9 foods to avoid before bed
7/26/2015 Pennington study tests what role diet, exercise play in infertility, ovarian cysts
7/21/2015 Interview with TOS Fellow – Steve Heymsfield, MD, FTOS
7/21/2015 Is playing outside a thing of the past for kids in Baton Rouge?
7/20/2015 How sleeping habits and meal times affect your health
7/20/2015 Kids in the Kitchen: Baked Zucchini Sticks
7/20/2015 Making Streets Safe for Play in North Baton Rouge
7/20/2015 Why Obesity? by Dr. George A. Bray
7/19/2015 Pennington hopes to help kids get active with 'Play Streets'
7/19/2015 When artificial trans fats are removed from all foods by 2018, will you be able to taste the difference?
7/17/2015 Pennington Biomedical, Local Groups Bring Play Streets to BR
7/6/2015 Born on the Bayou: The therapeutic potential of traditional healing plants of Louisiana
7/5/2015 Discovery could pave way for better diabetes treatments
7/4/2015 Pennington scientists' breakthrough discovery on body’s fat use, diabetes goes against previous theories
7/1/2015 Dr. Tiffany Stewart Honored as 2015 "Woman of Excellence"
7/1/2015 New research could show safer ways to treat inflammation-related health issues
7/1/2015 Pennington Biomedical researchers discover new molecule to reduce inflammation without causing diabetes
6/30/2015 LSU’s Pennington Biomedical Discovery Could Pave Way For Better Diabetes Treatments
6/30/2015 Pennington scientists make discovery related to body’s fat-use, diabetes
6/30/2015 Ursula White’s quest to understand women’s fat
6/29/2015 Kids in the Kitchen: No-Mess Sloppy Joes
6/23/2015 Kids in the Kitchen: Cauliflower Tater-tots
6/23/2015 Take A Hike To Do Your Heart And Spirit Good
6/22/2015 ‘Play Streets’ program provides safe space for Glen Oaks area kids with help from Baton Rouge churches, agencies
6/14/2015 Trackers for walking are great, but they all keep tabs on activity differently
6/14/2015 Walking 10,000 steps a day is great, but how you reach that healthy goal varies greatly
6/12/2015 Southeastern, Pennington Biomedical partner to fight obesity
6/11/2015 Successful US innovation ecosystem is under threat
6/10/2015 Early Career Researchers Honored by LA CaTS Center
6/7/2015 LSU confirms spinach extract cuts hunger
6/5/2015 How Many Steps a Day Should You Really Walk?
6/5/2015 Pennington Biomedical fights child obesity
6/3/2015 Spinach extract could be used as dietary supplement
6/2/2015 Dr. Amanda Staiano on Obesity and its Implications for Baton Rouge, LA
6/2/2015 Lawmakers Get Update On Fight Against Obesity, Diabetes
6/2/2015 LSU may have key to curbing hunger
6/1/2015 Kids in the Kitchen: Pennington Biomedical
5/28/2015 Report: Baton Rouge is fattest metro area in U.S.
5/26/2015 Pennington Experiments with House Calls for Nutrition
5/19/2015 Healthline: 'Kid's Menu' makeover
5/17/2015 Talking healthy brains and women’s health research
5/15/2015 Leading diabetes researcher honored by Pennington Biomedical
5/15/2015 Louisiana Public Square: Innovation Matters
5/15/2015 President & CEO named to lead Pennington Biomedical Research Foundation
5/12/2015 Apple/Pear Study Looking at Health Implications of Different Body Shapes in Women
5/12/2015 Biomed-backed drug could end addiction
5/1/2015 Fitness Monitors: Fantastic or Fraud?
4/24/2015 Experts discuss state of Alzheimer's in Louisiana
4/22/2015 Dr. Owen Carmichael: The Resistant Brain: Nourishing our Bodies against Alzheimer’s @ TEDxLSU
4/15/2015 Spatula Diaries: Strawberry salsa bursts with spring flavor
4/14/2015 Study shows health risks for staying up late
4/9/2015 Preventing Obesity One Exergame at a Time
4/8/2015 LSU Health Shreveport faculty members team up for grants
4/6/2015 Healthy Nutrition for a Lifetime of Health
4/6/2015 Why We Need to Talk About Maternal Obesity
3/29/2015 Zero calories might not equal no fat: Diet soda linked to weight gain in older people
3/28/2015 'I was in such denial': Baton Rouge man on confronting 'the silent killer,' diabetes
3/24/2015 American Diabetes Association: It's "Diabetes Alert Day"
3/24/2015 Diabetes Alert Day
3/24/2015 Diabetes Alert Day calls attention to serious health risk
3/22/2015 Dozens of Genetic Markers Contribute to Obesity
3/20/2015 Collaboration Targets Health Risks
3/20/2015 Louisiana researchers find new genes linked to obesity
3/20/2015 Pennington Biomedical is making "Soldier fuel"
3/20/2015 Researchers at 5 LSU campuses share $500,000 in grants
3/17/2015 Collaborative assessment evaluates health in rural community
3/17/2015 Survey finds West Carroll Parish’s health lacking
3/13/2015 Runner's World: Run your way lean - how burning more calories beats eating less (by a mile)
3/13/2015 Standing Might Not Counteract the Health Harms of Sitting for Runners
3/12/2015 Run from zombies at work in new fitness platform
3/11/2015 Here Is What Crash Dieting Does To Your Body
3/8/2015 Gut check: With bacteria in us and all over us, researchers are finding ways to take advantage of them
3/4/2015 Pennington executive chosen to lead group
3/3/2015 The Starch Study
3/2/2015 Any Exercise Is Good, But Higher-Intensity May Be Better
3/2/2015 Signature: Dr. Amanda Staiano
2/28/2015 Pennington Biomedical holds annual Wellness Day for Women
2/28/2015 Weighty Issues
2/26/2015 Improving the Technology Used to Explore the Brain
2/26/2015 Pennington Biomedical Research Center chief business development officer chosen as president elect of AUTM
2/23/2015 To Understand How the Brain Ages, Researcher Looks at the Heart
2/22/2015 Pennington research finds genetic markers for obesity
2/20/2015 From Campus to Cambridge
2/20/2015 Local researchers help identify genes in our body that cause obesity
2/20/2015 Pennington Biomedical collaboration targets obesity causes
2/19/2015 BR researchers help identify genes contributing to obesity
2/18/2015 High-Protein Diet Spurs Metabolism, But Effect Is Fleeting
2/11/2015 Is Sitting "the New Cancer"?
2/10/2015 Pennington Biomedical encourages employees to stay healthy and active while at work
2/10/2015 Treadmill Desks Offer Limited Benefits, Pose Challenges in the Workplace, Study Shows
2/8/2015 The question of vitamins: Nutritional supplements are big business, but are they doing us any good?
2/7/2015 Our Views: A toolkit for health
2/6/2015 Pennington Biomedical Plans Wellness Day for Women
2/6/2015 Tool kit developed to fight childhood obesity
2/3/2015 Pennington Biomedical: Green Smoothie
2/3/2015 Pick your poison: Sugar vs. artificial sweeteners
2/3/2015 Toolkit from Pennington Biomedical tackles childhood obesity
1/27/2015 A sugar that fights diabetes? Pennington looking into it
1/22/2015 STARCH study could help stop diabetes
1/15/2015 Study: Lunch after recess leads kids to eat more fruits and veggies
1/7/2015 Study Helps Researchers Understand Exercise and Diabetes
1/6/2015 No Excuses... All You Need is 10-Minutes
1/6/2015 Quinoa Lentil Chili
1/5/2015 How Pancreatic Beta Cells Get Caught in a Hail Storm
1/3/2015 It's 'just a bite,' but experts blame grazing the holiday spread for packing on pounds
12/19/2014 BMI may not be the last word on health risks, some experts say
12/16/2014 One of the most difficult challenges in weight loss is keeping the weight off over the long term
12/16/2014 The Drive Study
12/15/2014 Pennington tackles family health, childhood obesity
12/14/2014 Wearable activity trackers are among the hottest presents for fitness-minded
12/12/2014 Pennington Announces Wellness Day for Women
12/11/2014 Beans and Grains: The Perfect Pairing
12/11/2014 How local organizations help make Christmas wishes come true
12/11/2014 New DRIVE Research Study featured on WAFB-TV
12/11/2014 One of the most difficult challenges in weight loss is keeping the weight off over the long term
12/8/2014 Pennington, ProteoVec join multistate research effort
12/7/2014 Breaking the links to obesity: Parents get lesson in healthy eating for their kids’ sake
12/5/2014 Pennington seeks participants for 'grazing' studies
12/5/2014 Pennington seeks participants for 'grazing' studies
12/3/2014 3 ways your chair will kill you
12/3/2014 Baton Rouge research center looking for participants in their type 2 diabetes and pre-diabetes studies
12/3/2014 FDA Ruling Provides Calorie Labeling for Informed Food Choices
11/30/2014 Our Views: High costs of diabetes
11/27/2014 Exercise for Heart