Louisiana (LA) Health

Don Williamson, PhD

This three-year study was a partnership with LA GEAR UP (an ongoing U.S. Department of Education project) to test the efficacy of two school-based prevention programs that were designed to prevent weight gain and/or promote weight loss in children and adolescents. There are three primary components of the LA Health program:

  1. Environmental Modification (Primary Prevention) Program,
  2. Cafeteria Modification Program, and
  3. Secondary Prevention Program. The Environmental Modification Program was designed as a universal primary prevention program that is applicable to all children in Grades 4 through 8.

The Cafeteria Modification Program was developed to be combined with the Environmental Modification Program. The Secondary Prevention Program was developed to be combined with the Environmental Modification program and designed to be delivered in classrooms with three to four lessons to be covered every two months.

Manual 1 includes the Environmental Modification (Primary Prevention) Program and the Cafeteria Modification Program. Manual 2 includes the Secondary Prevention Program.

Manual 1 can be purchased alone, however Manual 2 cannot be purchased alone. Manual 2 must be purchased in conjunction with Manual 1.

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