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The Multi-Subject Weight Change Predictor is available for download here. 

This program allows investigators to simultaneously simulate the validated dynamic model (1) for as many number of subjects as Microsoft® Excel will allow (~65,000).

The excel files which simulates the dynamic model (1) are macro enabled files.  When you download the file you will be prompted to “Enable Macros”.  Select yes and you will be ready to use the program. If you are not prompted upon download to enable macros, open Microsoft® Excel on your computer and follow the instructions here to enable macros.

If you own a PC, then you will need Microsoft® Excel Version 97-2003 or newer.  On a Mac, you will need Microsoft® Excel Version 2011.

How to enable macros with prompt in Microsoft Excel


1. Thomas D.M., et al. A simple model predicting individual weight change in humans. Journal of Biological Dynamics. 2011;5(6):579-99.