Pennington Biomedical provides its researchers with state-of-the-art core services designed to improve efficiency, timeliness and precision of vital technical procedures needed across research boundaries. Core services are divided into three areas: clinical, basic, and population science.

Biostatistics & Data Management Core


The mission of this core is to provide biostatistics and data management expertise and resources to enhance reliable and objective research at Pennington Biomedical Research Center.
As the name implies, the Biostatistics and Data Management Core has two primary functions. Through collaboration with Center scientists, our biostatisticians provide statistical support for clinical and non-clinical studies conducted at the Center. And, our data management team, consisting of systems analysts and applications programmers, is responsible for implementation and maintenance of the Central Clinical Database, the institution’s primary archive of clinical research data.

Biostatistical functions of the Core include general statistical consultation, experimental design consultation, sample size determination and power analyses, data analysis and interpretation, and reporting of results of clinical studies. In addition, our biostatisticians pursue independent research in statistical theory and methods related to the planning and conduct of clinical trials.

The database management team’s responsibilities center on the prime mission of creating and maintaining the unified central database for clinical data at PBRC. In addition, our programmers are charged with development of the specialized applications that are used to collect clinical data from diverse sources throughout the institution. Also, this group has responsibility for the continuing development of CDA, an application that provides authorized users a web-based portal to the clinical database.


William Johnson, Ph.D.