Anthony Civitarese, 

Director of Skeletal Muscle Metabolism
Assistant Professor Adjunct

Associate Executive Director for Basic Science

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2002, Ph.D. (Molecular Biology/Physiology), Metabolic Research Unit. Deakin University/ ChemGenex Pharmaceuticals Limited, Australia.

1998, Honors in Applied Science (Health & Behavioral Sciences). Metabolic Research Unit. Deakin University, Australia.

1995, B.S. (Biological Science), Department of Biological and Chemical Science


My laboratory is focused on the measurement of skeletal muscle metabolism and investigates the molecular mechanism of mitochondrial dysfunction in metabolic diseases including obesity, diabetes, insulin resistance and some muscle defects that occur with aging (sarcopenia and oxidative stress). Central to this investigation is the rhombiod mitochondrial protease named PARL and the adipnectin/AdipoR axis.

Area of Interest:
Molecular Physiology; Mitochondrial bioenergetic
Molecular mechanisms of muscle insulin resistance and Aging
Caloric restriction
Exercise physiology
Metabolic and energy expenditure alterations in obesity and diabetes


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Walder K, McMillan JS, Lee S, Civitarese A, Zimmet P, Collier GR. Effects of beacon administration on energy expenditure and substrate utilisation in Psammomys obesus (Israeli sand rats). Int J Obes Relat Metab Disord. 2001 Sep;25(9):1281-5.

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Civitarese AE, Jenkinson CP, Richardson D, Bajaj M, Cusi K, Kashyap S, Berria R, Belfort R, DeFronzo RA, Mandarino LJ, Ravussin E. Adiponectin receptors gene expression and insulin sensitivity in non-diabetic Mexican Americans with or without a family history of Type 2 diabetes. Diabetologia. 2004 May;47(5):816-20

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Anthony Civitarese, Matt Hulver, Stacy Carling, Steve Smith and Eric Ravussin. Calorie Restriction Increases Muscle Mitochondrial Biogenesis in Healthy Humans. Submitted for Publication, Accepted for publication, PLoS Medicine. 2006.
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