William Hansel, Ph.D.

Liberty Hyde Bailey Professor Emeritus
Cornell University

Gordon Cain Professor Emeritus
Louisiana State University

Designated as a Renowned Physiologist by the American Physiological Society (2014)

Designated as a Renowned Scientist, Society for Experimental Biology and Medicine (2015)


William Hansel Cancer Prevention
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Ph.D., Cornell University, New York, NY, 1947, Animal Physiology
M.S., Cornell University, New York, NY, 1949, Animal Physiology


Dr. Hansel's major research interests are in cancer, reproductive biology and nutrition. He currently leads a group of scientists at the Pennington Center and on the LSU Campus that is developing a new method for treating prostate, breast, testes, and ovarian cancers based on targeting lytic peptides to gonadotropin receptors on the cancer cell membranes.


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